Personal Fitness In Orangeburg, NY

Getting into shape is a goal for almost everyone. Whether they are just starting on their journey or have been doing it for a decade, there is always a need for fitness. At Rivertown’s Personal Training Company, we want to help you meet and surpass your goals. We have the tools and the experience to help you lose weight and keep the weight off for years to come.


We offer personal training services that are sure to get you on the right track when it comes to your fitness goals. One-on-one time with someone who is there to support you will only encourage you to succeed. With a personal trainer, you will also get a personalized nutrition plan to go with your personalized fitness plan. There is no way that you will fail if you follow the plan that we have designed just for you.


Rivertown’s Personal Training Company also offers great group fitness training so that you can enjoy a fun workout with people who are after the same goals as you are. These training sessions run about 30 minutes and usually have 2-4 people in them. Watching other succeed will help motivate you to reach your personal fitness goals and will allow you to cheer on people who are trying to do the same.

If you are living in Orangeburg and ready to make a change in your lifestyle or are looking to continue your fitness training, then Rivertown’s Personal Training Company is just the place for you. Stop by our Nyack location or call us today to see what we are all about.